The Future Vision Foundation 2024 grant funding is now open for applications until May 10. According to Board Member, Ms Amanda Cranage, this year’s call for applications marks a special milestone for the three-year-old research charity. 

After launching in 2021, the Foundation is now at a stage where projects are reaching completion and the findings are being shared via conferences and publications, says Ms Cranage. ‘To date, 23 research teams have received funding for their projects.’

‘What we’re most proud of though, and what sets Future Vision Foundation apart, is the encouragement and mentoring support for new and early researchers,’ she says. ‘This approach is unique, and by providing grants to upcoming researchers, the Foundation bridges the gap between established, experienced researchers and those starting out on their journey.’

‘This not only empowers new researchers, but also injects fresh perspectives and ideas into the field,’ says Ms Cranage.

Dr Chris Hodge PhD, Chair of the Future Vision Foundation Advisory Committee, says the diverse applicant field ranges from ophthalmic surgeons, medical officers, orthoptists, optometrists and nurses to laboratory scientists and academics across a number of universities. 

When it comes to the subject of research topic, Nobel Prize–winning is not usually the aim, says Dr Hodge. ‘While we do have several laboratory large-scale analyses involving cutting-edge research and artificial intelligence, the majority of projects supported by Future Vision Foundation are smaller clinical investigations.’

At the heart of these projects is a really simple, well-structured premise that aims to provide a practical outcome in day-to-day clinical ophthalmology, says Dr Hodge.

‘If you have an idea, even if it’s not fully formed, together with an interest in research and developing new skills, please reach out to discuss the possibilities for support from the Foundation and how to apply for a grant,’ he says.

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